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UISYS has been successful in all domestic temperature profiles of soldering and reflow equipments to have been carrying out a critical role of the basis technology since the organization of research personnel in 2001. We are making an effort to create the best products and services for the customers’ satisfaction by responding positively and investing on the technical development in the midst of continuous changing technologies. Currently UISYS is the largest supplier in Korea for IMT and SMT temperature profiles, expanding to their relevant businesses through the diversified business. UISYS will create a future digital technology and make the first class company going along with the society.
UISYS has appointed KVMS to participate in the sales and support throughout Europe and in particular distribute the systems in Benelux, United Kingdom and DACH area.
about kvms
KVMS was founded early 1999, in Turnhout, Belgium, and has since evolved into one of the leading global suppliers of SMT production solutions to a number of key global manufacturers. 
The founders of the company have been active in the SMT industry since 1984, and building on their expertise KVMS has expanded first in Europe but now all over the world. KVMS operates out of its offices in Turnhout, Belgium which include a warehousing and logistics facility as well as a manufacturing / refurbishement facility.
KVMS is present around the globe through a network of subsidiaries and representatives. Together they offer consistent quality and support to a growing family of customers.

Real Time Group
Automatic profiling by monitoring real-time temperature changes within reflow or wave solder [...]
Reflow Group
Every day profiling has been brought to a new level. Nbr. of channels from 4 to 16. And what about measuring vibration!!
Wave Group
Wave and selective solder pallets enable all measurements required to optimize process parameters [...]
O2 Analyzer
Inline O² measurement with analysis and comparison tools, also in combination with temp and vibration measurement [...]
In-Line Camera
It is equipped with three temperature channels and a vibration sensor, the internal environment of the reflow [...]
For all profilers, all parts like batteries, cables, sensors and thermocouples are available [...]
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complete package
One case contains all neccesary tools to start profiling. The package is complete with Hot case, thermocouples, charger, CD and the user manual.

** Advantage on UISYS product ** 
1. Hotcase doesn't need to be used separately. 
(It can be used up to 300°C without Hotcase for 10 minutes continuously.) 
2. Internal memory storage-2 times. It can be semi-permanently stored. 
(First In First Out method) 
The uniformity of conveyor rail width of reflow machine and wave machine can be checked. 
The magnitude of the vibration that occurs when passing through a conveyor can be quantified using a gravity sensor.

reflow inline camera
It has 3 channel temperature measurement function and vibration measurement function. In addition, camera functions can be added to observe the inside of the reflow.
You can use the UI-HICAM to see the PCB production process inside the reflow and identify the defect phenomenon.
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